Monday, July 23, 2018

New Carpet

My husband absolutely loves carpet.  I love it too, mostly.  I love the way it feels beneath my feet, and how it helps absorb sound in a room.   The carpet in the house was green and had been home to a dog previously so we decided it may be a good idea to replace the carpet in our new home before we moved in.  Obviously if you can, it's nice to get this done before there's furniture in the house so nothing has to be moved or disturbed in my opinion. Pictured right is a pretty good example of how green the carpet was.  The entryway tile is a wood-look tile, which actually looks good with the green.  I love the tile so I wanted to make sure that we found something that would go well with it. 

So after looking around, we decided to go with a carpet we found at Home Depot in the Home Decorator's Collection called Kensington:
   Home Decorators Collection - Kensington  

I loved the warmness and how well it complimented the tile.  I was a little worried about how it may look with grey accents, (I LOVE grey) but decided I would cross that bridge when I get there!  One thing that we knew for sure was that we wanted the best carpet pad they had available.  We wanted extra padding for added comfort.  At the particular store we were at, it was a half-inch foam pad:

Prime Comfort 1/2 in. thick premium carpet pad 

So long green carpet!  It was so nice to see it go. 

We've gotten a ton of compliments on how comfortable the carpet is.  We love it.  Just like the paint, I feel like the carpet has helped to really transform the space and make it more inviting.     


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