Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DEMO - Mobile home Craftsmanship

It's finally here!  We've been waiting for this for quite a while.  And, it marks the point of absolutely no turning back.  We've already been in this phase for a couple weeks off and on, and its taking FOREVER.  But we've been in the interior walls and would like to share some of what we've found so far.
TJ's first order of business was to knock out 2 of the interior walls in the kitchen and living room areas to make an open concept living space. 

Kitchen/Master Bedroom looking on from the living room

There was a wall from the center stud that separated the kitchen from the utility room.  That is gone and we're also moving the master bedroom door to the other side of the room near the electrical breaker box.   We've discovered that the internal studs are 2x3. You can also tell where the walls were built on the ground and then put together, which is okay but there was a lot of wasted space because of it.

The walls appear to be some type of drywall that is prefabbed with wall paper, and those sheets are glued to the studs with staples and trim nails to hold them together until the glue dries.   
Glue and Nails on stud

Glue and drywall remnants

As you can imagine, this takes some time to clean.  TJ found a way to use his grinder to grind the nails, staples and glue off.  It's eating up grinder blades but it seems to be the quickest way to get it done.  We need these studs as clean as possible to hang new sheetrock.

Master Tub Wall

In the master bathroom there was a large soaker tub at the end and a wall that jetted out from the exterior wall.  I never really thought twice about why it was there or what it was for.

So we just got rid of that little wall.  All it was there for was to make the tub fit in the space.  We will be putting a longer soaker tub there that will fill the space **happy dance**. 
This is in between the 2 spare bedroom closets.  The linoleum is where the hot water heater sat.  We will be moving the water heater to an addition, where all of the plumbing will be in coming into the house.  This will also allow us to make bigger closets. 

This is at the end of those 2 closets opening up to the hallway where the central air unit sits.  We will have it professionally serviced and cleaned, and adding a new thermostat.
Demo is almost complete!  Now we just need to tear out the drywall and insulation on the exterior walls and we'll be ready to make repairs to the subfloor and framing.

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