Friday, April 1, 2016

Inside Before

Here are some of the before pictures (well, taken during demo). 

Built-in Entertainment Center in living room

The wall below is the partition wall between the living room and the dining room.  On the Living room side it's a built-in entertainment center and on the dining room side it was a computer desk. The living room has blue carpet and the kitchen has linoleum that is definitely no where close to it's original color.

These faded blue laminate countertops were in the kitchen and both bathrooms. 

Master Bedroom with Blue Carpet
Master Closet

 The master closet and a corner of the master bedroom.  That blue carpet!

Master Bath Vanity with Rust stains
Master Bathroom with Carpet

Here is the carpet in the master bathroom.  Can you tell where it's faded from the sunlight coming in the window?  Note to self, never use a dark colored carpet!  And the awful rust stains in the sink from the rusty water.  It didn't matter how often we cleaned the sinks and tubs, the stains would come back way too soon.  And what about that wallpaper?!  That fantastic blue green and red was in both bathrooms and the kitchen.  I'm not going to miss that floral pattern!  

Kitchen/Utility room partition
Utility Room Washer/Dryer hookups
And finally the partition wall between the kitchen and the utility room.  The refrigerator was on the kitchen side, and the washer/dryer hookups on the other.  Can you see that subtle wallpaper pattern?   
We are super excited to get to work on demo!  


  1. Gem, we had a skylight with that blue carpet in our house in Rockport that I had built long ago, and there was a grey spot where the sun faded it. I love skylights, but you are correct about dark carpet with the sunlight coming in. Kind of ironic, when you think how dark a room looks with the dark carpet. Very big job, but I am sure y'all will get it done in no time.

  2. can get a water softener at Lowe's for less than $200 or around that, and it will get rid of the rust in the water, you use less soap, and it is good on your skin and hair. Makes a huge difference. I know y'all have alkaline water up there, and a softener will help a lot.

  3. We definitely will Kathy! I believe we'll probably use bottle water for drinking and cooking, even with the filters. We had a lot of fluoride in that well water growing up and all of us kids in the area had stains on our teeth because of it. But I definitely want filters for our showering and our appliances. Don't want to kill those too soon. I'm getting a brand new dishwasher and I want to keep it for as long as possible!

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